Autumn / Winter Collection

Our new collection, which will be used by women, men and even children, is ready and we should especially mention that it will be among your indispensable clothes in your wardrobe. Flannelette Fabric's comfort and texture is the most important feature, being 100 percent healthy cotton fabric will add a great atmosphere to you. In fact, Sile cloth is a fabric made of 100% natural cotton, which belongs to our culture, produced in our country. Patterned, monochrome, authentic or modern Dress, Blouse, Shirt, Tunic, Abaya models gain a distinct value with Sile cloth. Dress, Blouse, Shirt, Tunic, Abaya models, which are indispensable clothing designs of women's clothes, can be said to be very suitable for the sile cloth. It protects body health thanks to the fabric made of 100% cotton. What distinguishes Sile Cloth from other plain fabrics is that it is formed by weaving from curled crepe cotton yarn. You can find every color option in dresses with local lace and pattern designs, blouse models, tunic models, abaya models, shirt models, suits for women, trousers and vest models. Sile cloth trousers, on the other hand, are at the top of the designs that comfort lovers should wear. 


Sile Cloth Vests, Suits and Blouses

Vest takes the first place as a type of clothing used by women, sometimes with the aim of providing a harmonious combination on an outfit and sometimes with the aim of closing the body lines. In the scorching heat of summer, wearing a vest made of a fabric other than cotton fabric irritates our body a lot. But unlike other fabrics, Sile cloth vests will solve this problem in the most difficult moments and will provide you with the opportunity to create the style you want with their stylish designs. Women's suits designed with light fabric texture, on the other hand, are among the clothing choices that women will admire this summer with truly authentic, lacy, lace, embroidered and plain modern designs. In blouses that you can combine with skirts, trousers and many other options and wear on you, Şile cloth is among the model options you will encounter in women's clothing collections. Short sleeve and long sleeve tunic and blouse models are the products you will prefer according to your style of clothing.

Trend in Women's Clothing

Among the trends of this year, the natural and elegant colors of our sile cloth dresses will take their place among fashion products with their perfectly woven cotton fabric and embroidery. Make perfect combinations with our products without leaving the natural clothing line and enjoy beautiful clothing.

This Summer In Embroidery Products

Elis Sile Cloth Textile

Our women's clothing products, which we have carefully prepared for years, will make the use of sile cloth widespread and bring naturalness and health to the fore.

It brings you a lively and carefully prepared dress, blouse, tunic, skirt, and shalwar with free payment guarantee at the door.