Women Poncho Models

100% Cotton Şile Fabric Poncho models of Eliş Şile Bezi brand will be presented to your taste with new models in the Spring-Summer new season.

Women Poncho Models

Şile Cloth Women's Clothing Şile cloth is a type of fabric that women love and is among the indispensable. In fact, Şile cloth is a fabric made of 100% natural cotton, which belongs to our culture, produced in our country. Patterned, monochrome, authentic or modern Dress, Blouse, Shirt, Tunic, Abaya models gain a distinct value with Şile cloth. Dress, Blouse, Shirt, Tunic, Abaya models, which are indispensable clothing designs of women's clothes, can be said to be very suitable for the sile cloth. It protects body health thanks to the fabric made of 100% cotton. What distinguishes Şile Cloth from other plain materials is that it's woven from curled crepe cotton yarn. you'll realize each color possibility in dresses with native lace and pattern styles, shirt models, tunic models, robe models, shirt models, suits for women, trousers and vest models. Şile material trousers, on the opposite hand, are among the highest designs that comfort lovers ought to wear.

Eliş Sile Cloth Textile

Our women's clothing products, which we have carefully prepared for years, will make the use of sile cloth widespread and bring naturalness and health to the fore.


It brings you a lively and carefully prepared dress, blouse, tunic, skirt, and shalwar with free payment guarantee at the door.

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