Girls' Bathrobe Models

A bathrobe is a garment product used to dry after a bath. It maintains its place among the basic bathroom accessories. Bathrobes produced in different fabrics, models and colors appeal to all segments of women, men and children. Different types of fabric are used in the production of bathrobes. Fabrics such as organic, velvet, 100% Cotton Şile Cloth and Bamboo are frequently preferred in production. It is very important that the bathrobes are soft and healthy so that they do not harm your skin. It appeals to every child with its different lengths such as above the knee, below the knee, long and short, and you can choose the model that suits your child. Due to the bamboo fabric feature; It does not cause allergies in people with sensitive skin and has a breathable fabric structure. It absorbs moisture quickly and has high absorption. Because of these features, you can choose it for both your child and yourself without hesitation. We must take this into account when making choices for our child and ourselves. Children's bathrobe models are produced and designed for children of all ages. Generally, pink, blue, yellow and white color options are used. In some of the plain and solid color options, there are different patterns that will attract the attention of our children, such as fish, superhero figures, car, dog, flamingo, sun and unicorn. Since almost everything is a game for children, these figures will attract their attention. For bathrobe models suitable for your child, you can view.

Eliş Sile Cloth Textile

We put together our merchandise cautiously for you. With our huge variety of colors and sizes amongst loads of varieties, it'll make using sile fabric sizeable and convey naturalness and fitness to the fore.

We deliver you our dress, abaya, tunic, skirt, and trouser models, every one greater unique and thoroughly prepared, with the assure of unfastened fee on the door.

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