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Flannel Fabric Properties

Flannel fabric, also called hasse fabric, is produced as 100% Cotton. It is used with a wide variety of products in different categories. It is preferred in many models such as flannel dress, flannel blouse, flannel tunic in the textile sector. Flannel fabric is slightly thicker than regular fabrics. Compared to other fabrics, the texture and thickness of flannel fabric keeps our body warm in autumn and winter. In addition, duvet covers and some types of blankets are produced by weaving thicker flannel fabric.

Flannel Fabric Weaving Properties

Flannel Fabric varies according to the type of finish applied and can be soft or fresh. In fine embroidered calico, it is used in 60-80 wefts with a frequency of 84-140 per centimeter, and in 56-66 warps with a frequency of 80-100 per centimeter. Although the weaving to be made is for daily use, it is woven as 20-30 cm in calico and 20-36 cm in weft.

In addition, the inner part of the flannel fabric is hairy, cotton, the outer part is woven. In general, although the name flannel is not used much in today's conditions, it is used as the name of flannel fabric, although it is heard much more.

Important Notes;

- It has a light weight.

- It is very durable.

- There is no color fading or deformation problem during washing.

- Flannel Fabric inside and outside is 100% cotton.

- Its texture is very soft.

- It has the feature of keeping warm with its special structure.

Due to the beautiful features we mentioned, it is highly preferred in terms of clothing products.

Eliş Şile Bezi Tekstil

For more than 20 years, it has adopted the vision and mission of producing healthy clothes by using natural and 100% cotton fabrics in the field of Women's Clothing. There are also flannel fabric, Men's clothing products and Children's clothing products to be used in autumn and winter.

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