Plus Size Abaya

Abaya models are one of the outerwear products that hijab women often wear. You can use it for both daily use and special occasions. Fine details in plus size abaya models will make you look more elegant and stylish. Abaya production has features with and without pockets. With the pocket details on the models, you can always carry your personal belongings such as phone, wallet, keys. There are abayas that dominate sleeve details such as bat sleeves and balloon sleeves. Zippered, buttoned, laced and belted oversize abaya models are also preferred by hijab women. You can choose the most suitable product for yourself with plus size abayas with these features. In terms of use, zippered models are more preferred. It provides ease of use in putting on and taking off the zippered models. Large size abaya models designed and produced by Eliş Şile Bezi brand are designed using 100% Cotton Flannel Fabric for the Autumn-Winter seasons, and production continues with models that are renewed every season. Thanks to its flannel fabric feature, it hugs your body and keeps you warm. It is not a heavy fabric due to its structure. It doesn't feel heavy when you wear it; You can feel the lightness. In the Spring-Summer season, 100% Cotton Şile Cloth Fabric was used and abayas were designed on Şile Cloth Fabric. Although more vivid colors are preferred in the summer season, more pastel and soft colors are used in the winter months. Black color option is available in the more used large size abaya models. Thus, Eliş Şile Bezi brand ranks first among conservative women's preferences in plus size hijab evening dress models.

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