The bathroom is the place where we often spend time in the home environment. Sometimes people take a shower to feel clean, relieve the stress of the day from time to time and leave our tiredness behind, and they come out of the bathroom cleaner and fresher. Even though shampoo is one of the things we need most during the bath, bathrobes also come to light. Bathrobe models designed and produced from 100% Cotton Şile Cloth under the Eliş Şile Bezi brand are on You can get bathrobe models suitable for every size, every age, every body type and every taste, regardless of women, men or children, from While men and women are produced with different color and pattern designs, some unisex models are used by both men and women. Bathrobes are also used for children. Bathrobe models that you can use for your children are also designed and produced from Şile Cloth Fabric. Your bathroom becomes enjoyable for both you and your children. Bathrobe models are not only in your home after the bath; You can also use it after the sea or pool.

Şile Cloth Bathrobes Models

Towels located under the bathroom category and generally located in bathrooms and toilets and at the edge of the washbasin are also divided according to their intended use, apart from the model or raw material. As the name suggests, the face towel comes into play to dry the user's face. Apart from the face towel, hand towels are used to dry the washed hands. There are also foot towels for the feet. Among these, hand towels are the most used ones. The color and pattern of the towel contributes to the stylish look of the bathroom. As for how the towel design will be, it is necessary to choose according to the general design of the bathroom. Also, the color of the towel is important at this point. In addition to their patterns and colors, towels can directly convey the style of the user. Many people can customize this product by knitting lace around the edge of the towel. Although the design of towels is important in terms of decoration, users should also dry their hands, face or feet well. At this point, the raw material of the towel stands out. Although towels made of linen produce good results in design, sometimes they are insufficient at the drying point. Towels with high water absorption power are generally made of long cotton fibers. Cotton towels are not only absorbent but also have a soft structure.

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Eliş Sile Cloth Textile

Our women's clothing products, which we have carefully prepared for years, will make the use of Şile cloth widespread and bring naturalness and health to the fore.

It brings you a lively and carefully prepared dress, blouse, tunic, skirt, and shalwar with free payment guarantee at the door.

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