Pazen Bandana Bordo Brd
Pazen Bandana Bordo Brd
Pazen Bandana Bordo Brd
Pazen Bandana Bordo Brd

Flannel Bandana Burgundy (SAL.K.0008)

Price : $7.54(Vat included)
Barkod : 8682921263249
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Flannel Women's Clothing

General Properties

  • Fabric: Pazen
  • Usage: It is suitable for autumn use, it is a thick fabric.
Sleeve Length
No Arm
Product Length
No Length
Product Model
Hijab Clothing
Pattern Type
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Şile Cloth Production

Eliş Şile Bezi Tekstil, with its 20 years of experience, offers Şile Cloth production and a wide variety of clothing models to our valued customers.


Natural products

There are no harmful chemicals in our fabric, which is completely pure and natural 100% Cotton.


All Cotton

Our fabrics, which we produce from 100% Natural Cotton, provide a healthier use thanks to their body sweat absorbing feature.


Wide range of uses

The products we produce with our Şile Cloth have a wide usage area as they are comfortable, light and most importantly healthy clothes.


Embroidery and Embroidery

In addition, our wide variety of cultural and artistic quality embroideries, various handcrafted needlework models, laces and colorful motifs that we embroider on our fabric are among the indispensables of everyday and special times.


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